GDB FORTRAN 95 Project

(updated 2002/09/13)


The GDB FORTRAN 95 project is funded by Intel and implemented by Caldera.

The goal of the project is to provide FORTRAN 95 support for GDB.
The project is in the process of merging all the source with the GDB top of tree, to be included in GDB 5.4. The overall work has been split into several patches. The status of these patches is available here.

Project Status (latest 2002/09/13)

Release Candidate 2 is available as of September 13th 2002. The release includes bug fixes, new user documentation and an updated testsuite.

The relevant RPMS (src, IA32 and IA64) and tar balls (src, testsuite) are available for download.

Note that this work is based on GDB 5.1.1

Project Status (old 2002/06/28)

The majority of the work has been completed and the first release candidate was made available on June 28th 2002. The relevant RPMs (src, IA32 and IA64) are available for download.

The project has been made available also as a patch to GDB 5.1.1.