GDB FORTRAN 95 Patch Status

The table below details the current progress in providing patches to the GDB top of tree to support FORTRAN 95.

(updated 2002/09/11)

No. Patch Name Description Dependency Status Risk
1 GDB F95 Test suite The gdb.f95 test suite for FORTRAN 95 support in GDB  
  • Being Reviewed (2002/02/02)
  • Testsuite maintainer has stepped down, currently no reviewer (2002/07/11)
2 GDB F95 parser The GDB FORTRAN 95 specific files new files f95-*.[chy] 5,8,12 Being Prepared (2002/07/02)  
F95 Language Hooks Enables the FORTRAN 95 parser in GDB 2 Being Prepared (2002/07/02)  
4 DWARF cu_header Enables multiple DWARF cu_header support for cross cu_header references  
  • Sent for Review (2002/07/03)
  • Reviewed and Returned - to be split into further patches (2002/07/08)
  • Patch split into several smaller patches (2002/07/12)
4a DWARF cu_header (abbrev table move) Move the DWARF abbrev table into the comp unit header structure    
5 DWARF expression parser support Supports the handling of DWARF expressions EX 1 Being Prepared (2002/07/02)  
6 Expression Evaluation Expression evalution handling of FORTRAN 95 specifics 2,7 Being Prepared (2002/07/02)  
7 F95 variable handling Handling of FORTRAN 95 variables in GDB EX 1 Being Prepared (2002/07/02)  
8 F95 demangler Demangler for FORTRAN 95 symbols EX 1 Being Prepared (2002/07/02)  
9 DW_AT_calling_convention support Detecting DW_CC_program/normal for determining main  
  • Being Prepared (2002/07/03)
  • Sent for Review (2002/07/09)
  • Received feedback, altered patch accordingly sent Rev 2 (2002/07/10)
  • Received feedback  another revision is in the works (2002/07/10)
10 .debug_loc offset support Support .debug_loc offsets   Completed 
10b .debug_loc offset support Same as 10, but components are dependent on 3 3 Being Prepared (2002/07/11)  
11 imported declaration scope Support for imported declaration scope  4 Being Prepared (2002/07/03)  
12 DW_TAG_module Support for DW_TAG_module    
EX 1 External location expression parser External Generic GDB location expression parser   Being Reviewed (2002/07/02)